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Lead trainer and coach, Dr Stacie CC Graham, has an international background working, living, and studying in the US, the UK and Germany. She has worked in the fields of coaching and consulting for over ten years, first as a management consultant at an internationally renowned consulting firm, then as a research associate at a German university, before deciding to work independently in 2012. She is currently based in London/UK, but is available to support her clients around the globe.


She has a broad network in both academia and the private sector at her disposal, so that she can meet the specific needs of her clients. Intercultural and multilingual services are also available.


With an MS in economics and a doctorate in motivational psychology, she offers her clients a uniquely comprehensive understanding and perspective on an array of subjects comprising human motivation in business contexts. She is also a Board Certified Coach.


In pursuing her desire to explore cultures and geographies, she completed certification in Hatha yoga instruction as well as Buddhist philosophy and meditation in the Indian Himalayas with a distinguished Tibetan Buddhist rinpoche.

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