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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Empirical research continues to accumulate illustrating not only the major gaps in career opportunities faced by people of different abilities, backgrounds, gender, race/ethnicity, religion and other personal identifying factors, but also the effects that these discrepancies have on both the individual as well as collective level.


Go Spire offers customized trainings to support organizations that are committed to making their company cultures, practices and processes more transparent, minimizing bias and creating awareness in order to nourish innovation and growth in an equitable environment.


Services include ...


  • creating communication strategies
  • designing diversity and inclusion strategies
  • facilitating unconscious bias training, diversity and inclusion training, etc.
  • integrating measurement tools
  • refining policies and processes, including recruitment and talent management


Leadership Workshops and Trainings


In today's business world, the role of the leader is ever-changing. Over the last decades the role of the leader has shifted away from the profit manager toward the thought leader. A leader isn't simply a person who manages direct reports. Leaders, at their core, empower the next generation of leadership through a clear vision, delegation of responsibilities and accountability, and systematic recognition, acknowledgment and reward to members of their teams.


Go Spire offers workshops and trainings to better equip mid- to senior-level leadership with the competencies and skills they need in order to meet and exceed the demands of their roles.


Workshop themes include ...


  • coaching for change
  • conflict management and negotiations
  • emotional and social intelligence
  • mindfulness in leadership


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